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Adapting to a new build

For those of us who like new build homes It is always exciting to go and see a show home. New build homes offer buyers a chance of a fresh start with minimal work involved in its set up. New build homes can be bought with build in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

Show homes offer buyers a chance to imagine a lifestyle. They are set up to show potential buyers what kind of lifestyle they could have. Often buyers are drawn in by the layout, colours, furniture and light. Show homes can feel luxurious, cosy, spacious, clean, fresh and helps buyers feel right at home. New builds offer various layouts depending on the buyer’s budget. However, the buyer’s budget can also reflect the type of space you get. Once a buyer moves into their new build home they are left with a blank canvas and for some of us odd spaces to work with. Buyers may come with their own belongings that can make the home feel outdated in comparison to the show homes. It may feel daunting and disappointing to some of us.

Some of us will have an idea of what we want but are unable to put it together. New builds have their positives but for some buyers making the house a home is difficult to imagine. We see blocks with the room’s layouts and the plain walls. Although the home comes with a newly fitted kitchen and bathroom it may not be your style. Yet we feel we cannot make changes to the home in order to adapt to our surroundings.

Colour plays a fundamental part in new builds as it adds atmosphere and mood to a room. It brings a room to life! However, it is crucial to get the colour right and I would always advice buyers that if they struggle in this department to obtain a colour consultation from a good interior designer. People always underestimate the power of colour and in a new build home it is even more imperative to get it right. Recommended companies include #farrowandball. They offer colours that are classic but also contemporary. I particular like their brand as the colours change depending on the time of the day, offering different moods and atmospheres throughout the day. They are also very calming to the eye.

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