What I Offer:

I am Warwickshire based but am able to offer my services across the UK and internationally, for both residential and small business properties.


Full Home or Individual Room Design… From designing one room to your whole home, I will make sure the process is an enjoyable one by managing everything from start to finish, whilst keeping you within your budget. I source, arrange and manage all the work carried out by tradespeople to ensure your final goal is achieved. During the process you will be consulted every step of the way so you are in complete control of your home and the project. I will provide you with up to date information on the latest in interior design and fashion, so you can express your personality and feel confident in the choices you have made.

Managing your design project… Do you already have a plan for the design changes you would like to make? Are you struggling to get your project off the ground, or to keep the momentum going? I can take the reins for you and even engage the workforce you need to make your dreams happen.

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Colour Consultation… Making your home reflect you more, I can advise on colour schemes that will create individual moods for every room and then make the change happen. We can work with items you already have so you can hold onto your treasures and keep costs low.

Need more space…? Whether it’s making a small bathroom feel big, or hiding that much needed clutter, I can introduce ideas that can give your home that added space.


Selling your home or throwing a party…? Whatever your reason, I can help you set the scene and create the perfect atmosphere in your chosen venue.

Simply advice… If you are bursting with ideas for your home and don’t know where to start I can offer a short consultation to help you make sense of those ideas and develop a plan.

How The Design Process Works:

Creating a home is a personal process and it is vital that everyone involved feels comfortable.

With all prospective clients I start with an initial meeting for introductions and to give both parties the opportunity to gain a sense of chemistry. Where feasible, I prefer to become involved at the earliest stage possible, when clients are wishing to create design layouts.

Following this introduction, a second meeting will be arranged to discuss the project’s design brief in full. During this meeting I aim to gain an understanding of how your home will be used, for example, whether or not you entertain frequently, have children, have elderly parents, have pets, etc. We will discuss preferred styles, atmosphere, colours and even how long you intend to live in your home.

I source all the paint, flooring, furniture and soft furnishings and arrange for skilled people to undertake the work. This approach enables me to tailor my service to best suit the unique needs of your design project.

Essentially, my goal is to help my clients discover their own style and enable them to create a beautiful home.


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