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How important is colour in improving our emotional wellbeing

With so many colours available nowadays it can seem like a mind field picking and choosing soft furnishings, sofa’s, wallpaper, paint, accessories and more.

The current trend in colour is grey. Grey, at is most neutral, is a safe, and therefore a popular choice in homes.

Yet colour plays a fundamental part in a room. It sets the mood and atmosphere. Without colour our homes will seem bland and soulless. We all have a favourite colour, which subconsciously brings out an emotion in us. For example, a light blue can make us feel like we are in the sky amongst the clouds. A colour that makes us feel calm, fresh and happy.

We all have a favourite colour. What is yours?

Colour can do many things in a home and people can tend to underestimate its power. Colour stimulates us, makes us feel cheerful, restful, secure, cool, calm, angry, happy, and sad. Colour sets the mood and atmosphere of a room and therefore affects our emotional wellbeing.

Yet when we move into a new build home, it can be even more difficult to imagine what colour to put on the walls. We are left with a blank canvas, low ceilings and in some cases not enough light. This can create a blank mind. Things can become even more complicated with existing carpets, accessories and furniture you may own.

When choosing colour there are many factors to consider. The quality of paint can play a fundamental role in a room. It is always a good idea to use good quality paint. I have visited many homes only to see walls showing streaks and lumps after using cheaper paint.

Other factors include the size of a room, the amount of light it receives, its layout, and more importantly the colour you want and where to place it all.

For those of us who have lived in the same room with the same colour for many years. It is always a good idea to freshen up a room by painting it again. This gives it a new lease of life and something that can change a person’s mood very quickly.

For some of us, it can be hard to know what we want. A good designer will pick this up for you and save you the emotional exhaustion of trying to get it right. So, if you are struggling, I would advise getting a colour consultation with a reputable designer. You will be surprised by the end results!

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