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Interior Lighting

The importance of interior lighting

We all know how natural light can make us feel. On a cloudy day we automatically feel less likely to be happy compared to a bight sunny day. The sun makes us feel uplifted. It is our source of vitamin D, an essential ingredient which regulates our mood.

On some days we can get a mix of light throughout the day. It could be bright and sunny for a few hours to cloudy and wet the next.

Some of us may sense when the rain is coming just by the change in weather. Before it begins to rain it becomes cloudy, dark and muggy. A predictable pattern for lightening, followed by the roaring thunder.

Homes also need light. Without light our buildings would be rendered useless. For those of us who are lucky to receive vast amounts of natural light in our homes, we can easily feel and see the weather from the comfort of our homes. On a day when there is thunder and lightning, we feel safe, protected, cosy and warm. A perfect opportunity to watch a film whilst watching the weather at the same time.

Our homes give us varying degrees of natural light. Some rooms in the home may have lots of natural lights whilst others may be dark. This is a frequent issue in new build homes and is commonly caused by lower ceiling’s levels compared to older homes.

Low ceilings can make it difficult to choose the right lighting. For those of us who like to have statement lighting we are left with limited choices in design and budget. Lighting is a tricky area as this can boil down to many factors. Certain factors come into play including an individual’s taste and how they wish to use their space. Certainly not an easy task to solve. There is a vast selection of lighting to choose from. Modern technology gives us even more options to consider. As they say the worlds is your oyster!

Interior lighting can be used in the same way as natural light to change our moods and therefore affect our emotional wellbeing. Lighting is a fundamental part of a room and sets the rooms mood and atmosphere just like colour. Living room lighting is an area that can be complicated. It is a space that all the household members use at various times of the day. Each individual comes with their own emotional needs. If you struggle in this department it is always a good idea to get a lighting plan completed by a designer. A room with poor lighting can make us feel uncomfortable and therefore unlikely to be present in the space and enjoy as a family.

It would be an impossible task to suggest what works and what doesnt. Remember, a room with sharp bright lighting can strain our eyes and a room with not enough light can make us feel fustrated.

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