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Eco Therapy

Benefits of Eco Therapy in our interiors

The current circumstances have meant that many of us have been spending more time in our gardens. We appreciate what they have to offer. Perhaps we have taken our gardens for granted, and decided to improve them.

Others may have spent more time in the outdoors, running, cycling or walking in the forest, parks or country side. But what does our presence in nature offer us.

Some of us may be familiar with the term eco-therapy. A growing subject in science. Eco therapy has helped many people combat and control depression, anxiety and stress. Eco therapy improves mental health. Staying close to nature helps the mind and body relax and provides an alternative perspective on life. It improves mood, increases emotional resilience, and reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety. Eco therapy also Improves Physical Health. Practicing ecotherapy gives opportunities for physical exercises that increase energy level and reduces stress hormones in the body. Staying amidst the natural environment relaxes the nervous system and increases stamina and fitness. Sitting in silence and not getting involved in any sort of physical or mental activity is one of the best ways to avail benefits of eco-therapy. It allows people to get back in touch with themselves and calm their wandering mind, which may be lost in thoughts.

So, can we bring eco therapy into our homes. Yes, you can! Under our current circumstances this is extremely beneficial to your mental health. Plants aid in improving our mental health. Each plant has its own benefit. Some plants help with allergies in the home, others eradicate toxins from the air. For example, the plant, Bamboo palm, maximises air quality. According to the NASA study, Bamboo palm can effectively clear out chloroform, carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde, and has powerful insect-repellent properties.

Not only are plants amazing for purifying the air but they add beauty and greenery to your home, which is great for stress relief and boosting your mood. The plant, Bamboo palm, maximises air quality. This is beneficial for those of us who do not have a garden or outdoor space to utilise. We see an increased trend in apartments using more eco therapy at home, coupled with a bohemian or Scandinavian look to the interiors. All in aid to help bring us back to nature and remain still in our space.

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